I’ve been fortunate enough to work at lots of great places with lots of great people over the years, and won some very nice awards, all of which you can see on my resumé. But what’s truly important about me? Well, I love dogs, especially beagles. I’ve owned 3 of them, including our current dog Rosie, who is also part foxhound, and thus, a major handful. I do standup comedy, and I produce and perform a couple times a week at places like Village Lantern and New York Comedy Club. I also play guitar and sing, and I used to be pretty serious about it, playing in a mildly successful 90’s alt rock band. But after staring down the abyss of touring the Southwest in a very small van, and playing tiny venues for the rest of my life, I got a little less serious. Although we did do a new single and reunion concert in 2015. I'm also married to a lovely woman named Holly, who is a wonderful amateur photgrapher and even better fitness trainer. Although her attempts to train me have proven futile, thus far. But I did do 25 squats last week, so there's that. 

Most importantly for you, my potential employer, is that I love what I do, and I get very fired up and passionate about it. I like doing work that’s either jaw-droppingly honest, or so goofy as to be not taken seriously. Either way, I strive to keep my work as authentic and as free of B.S. as possible. The holy grail for me is what I like to call Culturally Explosive Work ™ (I don’t actually have a trademark on that but I like the little symbol). What that means, is that I think the most effective work explodes through pop culture and becomes part of the lexicon. Sort of like that “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign, although that thing is getting pretty annoying, so not that. 

That’s all for now. If I decide to take up kickboxing or get another dog, I’ll be sure to update this page accordingly.